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Jill O

Director of Hair, Nail & Makeup Artistry and Proprietor. 

I have been licensed ___ 21 years. 

I have always had __ eye for art and ______. I started drawing __ a very small child, ___ was always working on ____ sort of creative project _______ up. I could ____ be found styling everything ____ my dolls to my ___'_ hair. As a ____ I added makeup and _______ cutting and perming my ______ and friend's hair. ___ I never considered it __ a career choice. I ______ in two salons over the ____&____;3 years before striking out __ my own. Since then, my ________ has seen several incarnations, _________ the present one. 

I am dedicated to ________ you the best in ____ and nail services.  In _____ to bring you the ______ I attend trade shows ___ classes every year.  I ____&____;_________ to several trade publications which ____ me up to date __ the latest trends in ________ and services.

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